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Our Intention

Our intention at Soleilune Massage & Spa is to offer an opportunity to improve quality of life - through stress reduction, anatomical function and therapeutic aesthetic/body treatments. 

It is our goal to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize our guests assisting in a physical and mental breath of fresh air.


Nurturing a Relaxing Environment

We proudly offer a luxurious open aired massage studio providing relaxing aesthetic & therapeutic body treatments.


Experienced Therapists Who Care

At Soleilune Massage & Spa, our licensed massage therapists assess your needs so you receive the ideal massage. Our therapists are continuously studying and remaining active in the field of massage, having a vast understanding of  relaxing/therapeutic modalities to best serve our guests.

meet the team

Marina C Quirk

Marina C Quirk

Marina C Quirk graduated Summa Cum Laude from Pensacola State College in 2017.  Marina founded Soleilune Massage in 2018 and has developed a successful practice that is based on the lifestyle of gratitude, health and mindfulness. Among her many philanthropic and entrepreneurial pursuits, Marina is an active member of the Pensacola Community through the arts, environmental restoration projects, and mentorship programs.

Marina values the human connection - her innate kindness and natural affinity for active listening and nurturing spirit allows for a transformative experience through her interactions. While she is frequently enjoying her time doing her life’s work, one can also find Marina listening and engaging in the outdoor environment and receiving therapy from her greatest teacher: nature. She enjoys physical activity, writing, reading, yoga, meditation, and long strolls filled with long howls with her lady canine, Mika.

 It is an honor for Marina to practice massage with her community and to create a beacon of health and wellness with her team. She strives within her personal and professional life to empower others with resources and tools they may take with them - on this grand walk and journey of life.


Makenna M Curtis


Makenna M. Curtis is a UWF alumni and 200 hr Certified Yoga Instructor. Born and raised in Pensacola, it is her mission to spread a passion for movement and mindfulness throughout her community.

Makenna honors the special relationship between the body, mind & spirit. In each practice, she crafts a series of movements and intentional thought on a collective and individual level. May it be flowing with fluidity, invigorating strength, or bringing peace to the mind - she believes the range of possibilities is ever evolving. Makenna enjoys the outdoors, spending time with her daughter, meditation, writing, and spending time in the community.

It is most important to Makenna to prop open the door of possibility for any individual to come in and find their true potential. Through introspection and dedicated practice, she hopes to share inspiration for individuals to go beyond what they imagined to achieve.

Mo Root


Mo Root has been practicing massage therapy since 2017, a certified facial specialist since 2016 and spent three years developing marijuana infused products in Denver Colorado for medical and recreational patients, with a total of 8 years involvement in the beauty and wellness community. She deeply values and believes in the power of holistic care to help alleviate symptoms of pain, anxiety, trouble sleeping, depression and many more.

Mo enjoys yoga and massage for the body, theatrical make-up application and photography for the mind and creative outlets such as dungeons and dragons for the heart. Her greatest happiness is found in the outdoors with the company of her two loving dogs, Penny and Aldo.

Meeting new people and creating meaningful connections with those around her is of the highest professional and personal priority. It is her goal to continue her education and participation in the Florida wellness community for many years to come.



Sean Seid


Sean Seid loves a good story, and his life path is one of his favorite to explore. In his early twenties he experienced a disillusionment with the modern world and the traditional definitions of success. He realized that, more than material gain, he valued love, community, connection, and adventure. He developed a dream to travel the world, and his innerworlds, to experience deep moments that only occur when the heart is open.

His journey led him toward massage therapy, yoga, and creative expression (particularly music and writing) as ways he could connect with himself and others. He spent last year playing and working in Latin America, and found that at the end of a long and growthful adventure he was ready to come home to Pensacola, and reconnect with his roots.

Sean Seid has been a massage therapist and yoga/meditation teacher since 2016 and has spent these years developing a deeper relationship with these modalities, which he views as true medicine for the soul. He is excited to share this nourishment with all the kindred hungry souls out there.



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